"The goal of a CE AWAY™ conference by Adventure House Travel is to provide the very best opportunity for health care professionals to not only LEARN but to CONNECT with peers in a stimulating yet RELAXING environment."

Welcome to CE AWAY™ by Adventure House Travel

We offer courses from the medical profession’s top educators. These take place around the world allowing physicians to combine learning with personal health breaks and rejuvenation time. 

The CDE AWAY® Commitment

Sea Courses is an education company. Started in 1995, it was the creation of Dr. Martin Gerretsen and his business partner, Harvey Strydhorst. The first trip operated in 1996 and this has been followed by almost 400 more trips since then.


While our emphasis has been on medical conferences, over time, many dental professionals have joined our CME AWAY® trips. We have received much feedback asking us to expand our offerings. We will continue to offer conferences that have content and value for both medical and dental professionals. But, we are now adding conferences that will have more concentration on dental topics. We have always offered courses from the medical profession’s top educators. This practice will be followed with our dental courses.


Our trips take place around the world allowing medical and dental professionals to combine learning with personal health breaks and rejuvenation time. Our attendees choose our CME AWAY® courses because of the combination of high quality and engaging speakers, the latest educational content, terrific venues and family time away from the stresses of everyday life. After 25 years, we are recognized as the leading provider of CME AWAY® experiences and our goal is to provide the same experiences with our CDE AWAY® trips.


The Sea Courses Difference


Our surveys continue to validate that destination conferences offer these key advantages over traditional local classroom events:


Even though your primary goal is to be educated, you will accomplish so much more on a CDE AWAY® by Sea Courses… The health benefits of time away, the learning experience that is a big part of travelling the world, a vacation experience with colleagues, family and friends. These are the unique advantages of the Sea Courses’ CDE AWAY® environment.


The CDE AWAY® Takeaways


The goal on every CDE AWAY® trip is for you to Explore, Learn & Connect.








Our Medical Advisory Board


Our Medical Advisory Board meets regularly to review our CDE topics, faculty selection, our survey results, and any other relevant factors. Each CDE is created under the direction of one of our CPD Directors and reviewed by other members. Click here to meet the full team.



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